My Passion

It is probably the most played out question - 'what are you passionate about?' I can't imagine truly answering that question in less than two hours. Give me a full afternoon, and we might be able to cover most of it. 

Today, I am at a place where I am inspired every day. In 2017, I have traveled more, experimented more, and really lived more. I have taken more chances, some of which were successes, and some epic failures. After many life changing experiences, I felt an overwhelming need to share my findings. In the hopes, that others, will explore a little more, and find the happiness that lies on the other side of their fears. 

On my blog, I am going to start with three of my most fierce passions - flowers, food and the quest to create a beautiful life. I will be sharing my work as the owner and designer of E. Vincent Floral Design, recipes, tested and created by me, and sharing the beautiful places I go, the stories of the beautiful people that I meet, and the amazing things that I am able to learn. I am so happy that you have decided to follow along! Always, feel free to share your thoughts, suggestions, and passions with me, and I will share back.


                                                                                                                                                                 E. Vincent


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