Balux Beach Club - Athens, Greece

I don't know if I have ever been somewhere with a more amazing VIBE. 


After a full day of following my amazing friend Archel (@itsarchel) as she had photoshoots for her amazing clothing line, Bombchel, we were exhausted, and wanted to find a chill place to relax. Our resident Athenian expert, Seanan, recommended that we go to a beach club. We arrived at the Balux Beach Club that night to the chicest scene - a full service restaurant, on the water, with beanbags lining the tiki-torched shoreline. We took a seat near the shore, ordered a round of drinks, and decided we had to come back to this beach club the next day. The music, the scenery, and the service were BEYOND fantastic!

When we arrived the next day, there was a 10 euro charge (it was free entry at night), and after entering I saw that there was so much more than the restaurant. There was a pool, the restaurant, several bars and comfortable beach chairs and beanbags with umbrellas to lounge by the water. We ended up staying on the beach ALL DAY - I can't remember that last time that I had such a mindless, relaxing day. It was so therapeutic. And the sunset - definitely in the top 10 sunsets I have experienced!

There are so many beach clubs in Athens - we went to a few. But none had a better vibe, compared to the Balux. I recommend going here 100% - bring LOTS of sunscreen, an external cell phone battery, and plan to stay all day!




Balux Beach Club
58 Posidonos Ave. Glyfada 16674