Èze sur Mer - Côte d'Azur

This place was my peace - I sat on a rock, feeling the wind brush past my face. I kind of wanted to cry, which was a weird feeling - I wasn't sad, it was just the most beautiful place I had ever been. 

You know that feeling of blissful anxiety that you get when you are waiting in a line for a roller coaster, and the closer and closer you get, your heart begins to race? And you wonder what it will be like to be so high, and how it will feel. And you know that what you are about to experience is the most exhilarating, mind bending feeling, that you likely won't feel again for a while?

I don't like roller coasters anymore. But, I will never forget that feeling. That is the closest equivalent to how I felt when I walked down the paved pathway to this - my favorite place on earth (as of May 10, 2018), Èze sur Mer.



It is hard to put into words how I was so changed by this place. All I can say is that I needed to find this place. My soul needed it, really.

 I did a little research, before I took this trip to Côte d'Azur (commonly know as The French Riviera). And I found Èze, a Medieval village in between Nice, France and Monaco, and I had to figure out how to get there. This is where planning went out the window, and fate kicked in. I knew exactly what train to take from Moncao to get to Èze, but we waited, and waited, and that particular train never came in to the Monaco Train Station. I was devastated (kinda, I was still on vacation, so it wasn't that bad LOL.) We boarded a random train, thinking we would just find a random beach to visit, and to our surprise, the train stopped RIGHT AT ÈZE. I still can't believe it!!!


Once we got off of the train, we walked down a paved driveway (past the most gorgeous villas) and at the end of the pavement, you see this. CHILLS.

My breathe has never been taken away. Not like this. I could have stayed here for days. Months. A LIFETIME. 

We had our own little oasis - calm, peaceful and so romantic.

That handsome guy? That's my friend Jerry - he's getting his PhD is France. We met back in college, and as soon as I knew I was coming to France, I made sure that he was part of my plans. I couldn't have picked a better friend to share this beautiful experience with. But let's be clear - he is NOT a love interest of mine LOL!!! But a true friend that I will always cherish. 


There is not a lot to do in Èze - it is not a touristy area, and the few others that were on the beach seemed to be locals. But FIND THIS BEACH. I promise you - you will not find a more beautiful, secluded beach that is this easy to find in The Riviera. One note - this is a PEBBLE BEACH, and I HIGHLY recommend that you wear sturdy sandals. Walking on rocks is much harder than it seems!

HOW TO GET THERE: The best way to get to Èze is by train. I took the train, but I hear the bus is pretty easy as well. BUT (and this is a big BUT) the views from the train - PRICELESS! From the Nice-Ville Train Station, take the train called Èze sur Mer . Also, if you take the train from Nice to Monaco, Èze sur Mer is one of the stops on the way! But, make sure to check the train maps - the trains take so many different routes!

Let me know if you make it to Èze - I would love to hear if you fell in love, like I did.