Sushi Hayakawa - Atlanta, GA


Since I started blogging, my friends are ALWAYS telling me ‘XVY is the best new restaurant in town!’ And 9 times out of 10, these restaurants don’t even come close to how much they hype them up. So when I was invited to Sushi Hayakawa, ‘the best sushi in Atlanta,’ I was definitely skeptical. But this restaurant, despite some of it’s oddities, REALLY might have the best sushi in town!

Picture Above - Toro Sushi (fatty tuna - see details below), Fresh Wasabi (tastes wayyy different that the cheap stuff), Kirin Ichiban (a Japanese malt alcoholic beverage), and the Lobster Box sushi roll

So, the oddities. When I first walked into Sushi Hayakawa, I noticed a sign that asked that we refrain using cell phones. That was a hard and fast no for me. Do they not know that the camera eats first?!? After I walked a few more steps, I was greeted with another sign. This one asked that we refrain from wearing perfume. Apparently, it affects how foods tastes. Cool. Noted. But since I drowned myself in Jo Malone before I left the house, this also was not an option. I felt pretty awkward, fuming of the scent of peonies and trying to hide while I strategized how to get the most pictures without my waiter noticing.


The Best Bite

The best bite from the meal was this piece of Toro - the pork belly equivalent of fish. It tasted rich and soft, and so fresh.

I was told that this would be an authentic, Japanese fine dining experience, and it did not disappoint! The meal was intimate and special, and the service was top notch - our waiter was never more than a few steps away. Next time I visit, I am going to try the 14 course Omakase, an authentic, immersive sushi experience that is only available to two diners per night! Any takers to be my +1?


Sushi Hayakawa

Open Tues - Sat, 5-10:30PM

Reservations Encouraged - Walk-ins Limited