Geneva, Switzerland

If you told me, at the beginning of the year, that I would be going to Switzerland this summer, I would have thought you were mad. Why TF would I be going to Switzerland? What is even there?!?

Well, I planned a trip to France, and when I realized how close Switzerland was, I couldn’t help it - I just had to see it for myself! And unexpectedly, it was a breath of fresh air. Literally - it was so clean there!

I arrived in Geneva at 8am. I had a tour scheduled for 11am. So I hit the ground RUNNING. I met with my tour Guide, Ksenia, who actually is a blogger from Russia! She took me on the best tour of the city, showing me secret places and giving me the best Swiss history lesson. She took some GORGEOUS photos of me as well. Don’t think twice - BOOK HER for a tour of the city! Here is her link


Geneva Fountains

One of the most interesting things that I found in Switzerland was that you can drink water straight from the fountains 💧 You know that Evian Water that we spend so much to buy? I was told that it is the SAME water found in these fountains 😯😅

I tried it, and it tasted like fresh, clean water. I also learned that each fountain has a specific sign. If the sign is BLUE, you can drink from it. If it's RED, you cannot 💧☀️ 🌍 The fact that they have an endless supply of the BEST water is priceless really…

Hotel Beau Rivage Geneve

Since I was making Geneva a quick stop on this trip, I decided to take the chance on a Priceline Express Deal. I had no idea that I was going to be staying in a hotel where royalty has stayed for more than a century! Right in front of the Jet d’Eau and Lake Geneva , the Beau Rivage was a dream hotel. The location was perfect. The service was outstanding. And the breakfast was included as an upgrade. All music to my ears!!!

Le Jardin - Hotel Le Richmond Geneve

On every vacation, I make it a point to have one dinner at a fine dining restaurant. Not for the opulence (though I LOVE the opulence) but really because fine restaurants tend to use the best, local ingredients and display the complex flavors of the region. Le Jardin did just that. The food is inspired by French cuisine, with Geneva being right on the border of France and Switzerland. I would recommend trying this place - there is a good chance you will taste flavors you have never tried before. It was all delicious, but the dessert was by far my favorite - a strawberry pearl, filled with strawberry mouse, Gruyere double cream and berry sorbet!

One of the random things that I discovered in Geneva was Movenpick Ice Cream, and this is no normal ice cream. This Swiss inc cream is sweet, creamy and sooo freakin smooth. Maybe it was the heat wave, but this felt like cold velvet perfection. I tried stracciatella and apricot, and they are both my favorite. If you see this ice cream, GRAB IT. Sooo good

Geneva was a fun stop on my way to France. It isn’t ranked high on my favorite cities list, but I would return back - maybe during ski season! Now, my wheels are turning - I might be back in Switzerland sooner rather than later!