Café Vendôme - Atlanta, GA

Hello Loves! This week I am featuring a few Atlanta spots off of the beaten path, that you cannot miss! The first is my favorite cafe in the city, Café Vendôme , located in North Buckhead.


When this cafe opened, I was just getting back from a trip to France, and I was really craving an authentic croissant! I patiently waiting WEEKS for the construction to be completed, and when it finally opened, I was not disappointed! It is a little hard to find - it is located in the back of a strip of local restaurants, on the lower level, but it is soooo worth the search!

Walking into Café Vendôme  feels like stepping into a Parisian cafe off of a rue in Paris. The photos on the wall, the marble decor - this place is so unexpected, in Atlanta of all places.

The owner, Hamid, quickly greeted me with 'Bonjour', and walked me through the menu. In my first visit I had the most delicious, buttery, flakey crossaint and the best cup of Morracan Mint Tea that I have ever had! My mind was made up - this is my new go-to cafe!


I have been back so many times since my first visit, and I have never had a bad experience since then. What makes the difference here is the craftmanship and ingredients, sourced all the way from France! You can view their master pastry chefs making fresh delicate pastries throughout the day. But, the downside to this fresh approach is that occasionally, they sell out of their most popular items. Be like me - if you are looking forward to a certain item, call ahead of time and make sure they have it available.

A few items that you have to try:

Croissants - they sell regular croissants, chocolate croissants and mini croissants. You CANNOT go wrong with these!

Financiers - these are mini almond pound cakes, usually filled with raspberries. They are very small, but extremely rich and flavorful.

Madelines - these are classic, spongy French petit cakes, with an almond and lemon flavor. They are traditionally made in a mold that gives them a shell-like shape. I don't think I have ever turned down a Madeline!

Anything Coffee - the coffee is amazing here, every time. I have tried cappuccinos, americanos, espresso - all delicious and so smooth. If you get a latte or cappuccino, ask the barista to make a beautiful, Instagram-worthy design for you!

Moroccan Mint Tea - I love this tea so much, and it is the perfect tea to drink if you are dealing with a cold or allergies. But I like to drink it when I am taking a break from coffee, and need something a little more refreshing. 

Croissant Sandwich - their croissants are already perfect, and adding delicious fillings make them the perfect quick lunch! I tried mine with chicken, and the sandwich was filled with lettuce, tomatoes, boiled eggs and a delicious dressing. Perfection!

Mushroom Quiche - flaky, flavorful, and so filling! My photographer Jasmine (@mzjazzijuice) tasted this, and didn't have high hopes because she hates mushrooms. She loved it, and even thought that the mushrooms tasted like meat haha. This is a great dish if you are newly vegetarian!

When I visit Cafe Vendome, I see so many different types of people. There is the French family, who visits to get a little taste of home. There is the group of students, gathering to study for exams. There is the couple on a sweet coffee date. And then there's me, sitting in the corner taking pictures of my beautiful cappuccino. If any of these people are you, or not, I recommend taking a visit to this hidden gem - you will not be disappointed. Try it out, and let me know how much you love it!




Cafe Vendôme

4969 Roswell Rd Suite #155
Atlanta, GA 30342
In the back side of Cibo E Beve
Phone: (404) 551-5163